Inclement Weather and Cancelations

Soccer games are seldom cancelled.

  • Each team must report to the field as scheduled unless notified by the Community Leader or the ESSL president that the game has
    been cancelled. This rule applies under all conditions.
  • A game will be cancelled when there is a danger to the players, such as excessive water on the field.
  • A game will be suspended due to temporary weather conditions, such as hail or high winds. The game will resume when there is no longer a danger to the players.
  • A game will be suspended due to thunder or lightning. The game will resume after no thunder or lightening has occurred for 30 minutes.
  • A game which has been suspended for 45 minutes will be cancelled. Coaches will apply these same rules to practices.
  • Coaches may postpone games only after obtaining permission from the ESSL designated Community Board member. Permission for postponements will be granted
    only if one coach cannot field a team because of competing scheduled activities and/or holidays. When a postponement has been approved, the coach initiating the
    request must notify the opposing coach, the chief referee, and the designated Community Board Member and make arrangements to reschedule the game. Should the referee and/or
    opposing coaches show up without being notified, the team requesting the postponement will forfeit the game.